Press Release - Virga Mandarin Citrus

Jun 24, 2019

June 18, 2019

Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company launches VIRGA® Mandarin Citrus Vodka Soda – “Discover Your Inner Mermaid”

Guysborough, Nova Scotia Authentic Seacoast Distilling Company Ltd (“ASDC”) is proud to celebrate the launch of its craft-distilled Virga® Mandarin Citrus Vodka Soda. Now available at 90 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation retail locations, at its distillery in Guysborough and at discerning bars and restaurants throughout the Province, this all-natural, 6% ABV vodka soda is a refreshing beverage to enjoy with friends.

“It is wonderful to make our Virga® Vodka available to a wider audience in this new expression of the authentic seacoast.” said ASDC’s founder and distiller Glynn Williams. “Just as mermaids are said to appear in the mists off the shores from our distillery on Chedabucto Bay, so too does our vodka take form in the vapours of our column stills. I only take the purest hearts from the distillation run to produce this uniquely smooth vodka, triple-distilled from Nova Scotia-grown spring wheat. When Virga® is combined with our very pure Glanbùrn water, all-natural flavourings, and a light carbonation, a crisp and refreshing soda results. With only 115 calories, no sugar and no gluten, this vodka soda appeals to discerning consumers looking for a lighter and approachable beverage.”

“This project has been a lot of fun for all of us as we create a unique product and brand that is authentic to our family-owned business and which resonates with consumers within my demographic who are looking for a well-crafted beverage that is refreshing, crisp and convenient”, said Kendra Williams, our in-house mermaid. “We’ve discovered that consumers really appreciate the quality and connection between our craft-distilled 40% ABV Virga® Vodka in its beautiful, sleek clear bottle and our flavoured vodka soda. When sampling both together, we find that they can really taste the smoothness and complexity of our vodka in this flavoured soda. We hope that with friends, our fans will have fun while they discover their inner mermaid”.

About Authentic Seacoast Company
Founded in 2005, Authentic Seacoast is a family-owned business headquartered in Guysborough, Nova Scotia in the branded consumer products, tourism and hospitality industries. It produces hand-crafted medal-winning fine spirits, including VIRGA® vodka, GLYNNEVAN® whisky, FORTRESS® and SEA FEVER® rums, as well as RARE BIRD® craft beers, FULL STEAM® coffees, GLANBÙRN® water, artisanal soaps, baked goods, among others. It owns and operates the elegant DesBarres Manor Inn (1837) and Osprey Shores Resort, adjacent to its showcase distillery/brewery/hopyard/apiary.

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